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Sitting meditation, by Mike Shell

Sun on Japanese maple, by Mike Shell

Pensive, by Nikki
Circa 1981, traveling with Nikki in Europe

Turk's cap lilies at Craggy Gardens, by Michael Austin Shell

By free association, this image reminded me of this story (from the New York Times, June 10, 1894):

Quakers, Puritans, and Turks, NY Times, 6/10/1894

All life is one, by Michael Austin Shell

—Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, Fl
June 2012

Stephen Jay Gould

Our mind works largely by metaphor and comparison, not always (or even often) by relentless logic. When we are caught in conceptual traps, the best exit is often a change in metaphor—not because the new guideline will be truer to nature...but because we need a shift to more fruitful perspectives, and metaphor is often the best agent for conceptual transition. (264)

Bully for Brontosaurus: Reflections in Natural History



Photography on RedBubble

On Attribution

I'm a writer and photographer.

I license my own online work through Creative Commons.

When I cite books or websites, I link to them. When I use images, I add a pop-up title which gives attribution. Also, the image itself usually links to the source website.

Often the images link to very interesting source sites which I am nudging my readers to look at.

Have fun. Be honest. Give attribution!